Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Winter Blues

It just isn't fair. I mean yesterday Feb 5th it got up to 59 degrees here in Kansas City. Now today it was 17 this am and got up to a high of 25. Yesterday I was out in the yard checking things out. Seeing what damage has been done and seeing if I could find a place to put a new waterfall that I came up with in my head. Damage not a lot. Something ate my creeping phlox off. Just left some woody stems. Could have been the deer that have chewed on it in years past. We also have a ground hog that dug a hole in the side of the hill. I am surprised he was able to with all the rocks around here. But I would think as cold as it is he/she would still be hibernating. Anyway I found a spot that I think will work for the water fall. I hope it turns out well I hope I have time to get it done before the Northland Garden Tour in June. There are so many thing to get done that I need to start on a list pretty soon. If you read this blog and continue to read my blogs you will find that I don't know how to spell and I don't know when to start a new paragraph. Hope that doesn't bother anyone too much. So much for my first blog entry, I will have to see how that works going forward.

Happy Gardening!!!

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