Sunday, September 21, 2008


This post is for the Plaza Art Fair guy. I am sure you all are scratching your heads wondering what the!! OK here is the story.
Saturday Sept 20th was our friend Jack's birthday. One of those he turned 39 for the 10th time. The plan was to meet up at his house and go to the Plaza Art Fair. This is what we all did. It started as a fun day, walking around looking at the art and some cases what some call art, but that is a whole other subject. With a group of nine people you tend to get separated as everyone has different interests or when something catches your eye. I think Scott and I were coming back from getting a couple of beers, I find some art is best to look at after a couple of beers, to where the group had stopped so everyone could catch up. This guy had stopped me and asked if I was the Garden Guy? My first thought was Paul James, The Gardening Guy on HGTV but then I don't look like him. Then I realized maybe he was talking about my blog, but not that many people read my blog and the ones that comment weren't from KC. I went back and asked where he would know the Garden Guy from and he said a website. Wow, he was talking about me!!
It amazes me that someone would recognize me from my photo on my blog. If you think about the several hundred other people that were there at the time it, is mind boggling? Whatever happened to have him stop me and ask about me made my day, no week, oh probable my year! Well this post is dedicated to him, Plaza Art Guy. Thank you for stopping me and telling me how much you like my stone walls I built in the garden!!