Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall flowers

This post is just pictures of some of the flowers that are blooming that I haven't posted about recently. The thing is that both Scott and I have our birthday this month and I thought it was time to have a birthday bash. So that is what I am dedicating my time to right now. Usually when we have a party we hire a cater and bartender so we don't have to do so much and can enjoy our guests. This year I thought I would try and do the cooking myself. We still hired the bartender because I don't want to get stuck behind the bar.

I am trying to stay organized. I have the food picked out that I want to fix and serve. The list is made and ready to go to the store here shortly to pick up the ingredients. Next I am going to see what I can make ahead and what I will need to make the day of the party. Need to get all the platter out and see if I can find enough silverware and plates for 50 people. Either way I will have some plastic plates and silverware as back up. I do not like to use plastic/paper plates and silverware. I will have to use plastic glasses. Don't have enough glasses on hand for that many people.

I guess I better get busy. Will post more about it next week. Enjoy these pictures for now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lake of the Ozarks

This last weekend Scott and I were invited by another couple down to the Lake of the Ozarks. We stayed in a small cove where their parents have a house on the lake. It was cool and overcast most of the weekend. It was too cold to be in the water but not that cold to ride in the boat and the jet sky. This was the first time on a jet sky for both of us. Jane don’t worry we had life vests on the whole time we were on the water. Since I don’t know how to swim I wouldn’t go out without one!

The first three pictures are of two different plants that I haven’t seen growing around here or back where I grew up. Not sure what they are but looked interesting.
As you can see by the first picture, they grow where not many other plants will. It was very rocky and I am sure the soil is very poor where they are at.

This is the baby Butch. I don't think he really liked the boat ride but didn't want to be left behind. Our friends were so nice to let us bring Butch along. I feel that is a true friend when they include your dog. They have a dog, that is him in the next picture. He is cute and adorable but has a big dog attatude. He trys to control Butch but Butch just ignores him.

This is Tigger.

The next couple pictures were taken when we were on the boat going up and down the lake.
What you see closet in this picture is an island in the lake. I thought that was interesting.

As you can see a few trees are starting to change colors.

You wouldn't catch me doing this!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Early Birthday Gift

The last time we were down at Mom's she gave me my birthday gift. I put them out in the garden and took pictures of them so she could see that I had put them out. Our garden is a little of this and that. I guess kind of rugged, if a garden could be rugged. These pieces add a little whimsy and cuteness to the space. I hope the garden makes people feel welcome, someplace where people can feel comfortable. Kind of like the inside of our house. Come in put your feet on the coffee table and relax. If you can't be comfortable why be there?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

recent purchased

I have no ideal where the urns will go. I am working on the northside of the house now. Putting in some steps and will have a couple of retaining walls and a sitting area. Not sure when all that will be done but I think I might incorporate them there. Will see, I reserve the right to change my mind at least several times!!

The leaf bird bath has found a home under the Jones rose bush. I think it was made to be used in side the house. After a day or two the water is all rusty. Not sure that there is anything I can do about that but I like the looks of it anyway.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hair Cut Time

Here is the basil before I cut it back. It was getting very overgrown and starting to fall over into the path. I am going to try and dry it since we tend to use basil often and maybe try my had at making pesto. We will se how that turns out.

The next picture is after. Looks kind of sad but it will sprout out soon. I have always read that for herbs the more you cut it back the more it grows.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Garden Volunteers Part 1

This is Surge. I have lost the tag so I don't know much else about it. It looks good most of the 3 seasons. I don't like the flower head but they don't last long. It does some traveling as you can tell by the picture. But it is easy to pull up and keep under control. It grow well in full sun and ok in part sun. You can't tell by the picture but it gets a pretty blue green color this time of year.
Now that I think of it maybe this isn't a volunteer but more of a traveler that is easy to control?

This is a salvia that came back from seed. It gets a little big for where it decided to grow, right in the middle of the stone path, but I couldn't bring myself to pull it when it was young and now I sure can't.

I have no ideal what this is called. I could probable look it up?!? I think it is in the cockcomb family or atleast I remember it growing with the cockcomb flowers in mom's garden when I was a kid. It too is a little big for where it decided to grow. It need to get back in the flower bed. Guess I will need to reseed it there myself.
So what would you call a reseeder that you have to reseed? A reseeder that is placement challenged?