Sunday, February 11, 2007

KC Home and Garden Show

I am not going to say this was a bad show. KC is the only one I have gone to, so I have nothing to compare it to. There were several nice displays. One that impressed me the most was the House of rocks. I forgot to take my camera to get pictures so you will just have to take my word for it. They did a lot of work getting the rock in and set up. First you walked up some stone steps to the top. Probable 4 or 5 steps. At that point you were looking at a waterfall and small pond on one side of you. It look pretty realistic but you could see the black liner in the bottom. I would think after you took all the time to bring in the large rocks you could have put some small ones in the bottom. One of the things they do have is chucks of glass in many colors. We purchased some last year to put around our fountain. They look great if they are wet and I am sure would look even better lit from below. That is what we are planning on doing next year. Anyway what I thought was cool is a rock that acted like a bridge that the water flowed under. Then there was another waterfall with a larger pond on the other side of you. Then you would walk down several steps on the other side. I know that there business is to sell rock but it could have used some more plantings. It was impressive due to the size of the rocks but it could have used something to make it pop. The staff could use some training on customer service. They were just standing around, not friendly and didn't act knowledge our existence.

One high note was Birds Botanicals. A couple of years ago David Bird came to the garden club we belong to and gave a talk on orchids. He even invited our club to the site where he grows the orchid in the Interstate Underground Warehouse. He has a nice space with a lot of beautiful orchids. My other half wanted one, I thought they would be too hard to take care of and he had killed one I had given him before but I agreed. It was in full bloom then and has survived looks really healthy and is blooming again with not a lot of help from me. Above is a of pictures of the orchids. If you are interested, Birds Botanicals are open Tuesday's from 10am to 8pm at the Interstate Warehouse 435 and 23rd street. Phone number is 816-228-1044. It is well worth your time to check it out.
At the end of the month we will be headed to Wichita to check out the garden show there. I have heard it is better than the one here in KC.
Until next time.

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