Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dog barking, part Lab and Golden Retiver

Well I am flippin mad today. Not only did I get woke up by the barking dog last night but he kept barking and barking. Usually he only does this when someone is at the door. But who could be at the door at 1 am. Whoever it was is going to get an ear full is what I thought. So I drag my rear end out of bed walk to the door, flip on the lights and can't believe my eyes. There at by the street was two deer. That is not unusual but they were eating on an evergreen tree that I keep in a pot that covers the concrete slab on top of the storm sewer drain. In a little while one comes walking from the side of the house and starts eating then another. It took me a while to come to my senses. Why are they eating an evergreen tree. It has the same texture as the native cedar trees we have in this area. It can taste good. I guess one of the deer decide they had enough and started walking up the cull-de-sac. Finally it dawned on me that I better do something about it and try to scare them off. The last time I tried that they just looked at me and slowly walked away. This time was different. I open the door and was hit with a blast of 10 degree air and try ed to yell. All that came out was a scream of a teenage girl. Well that did it they took off like their tails were on fire.

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a good dog... you couldn't have sent him out after them? (Of course, it's the getting him to come back that's the problem...)