Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Garden Catalogs, What to order?

More flippin snow!! I know it's not like what has or is falling on the east coast but darn. Enough is enough. Oh and if that isn't bad enough it was 4 degrees this morning, with a high of 17 and a windchill of 5. Reminds me need to loss a few pounds before summer, that is if summer ever gets here!! It would be nice to live somewhere in the south. Then you could here me complain about how hot the summers are. Just never happy!!
Hope you enjoy the pic's of the snow. I thought I was going to get frost bite taking them.

I am trying to decide what to do. Here is my problem. I have always been a bargain hunter. So when I get the garden catalogs with the coupon $25 off when you spend $50 I am like cool!!! The catalogs I have received with the coupon is Beck's, Springhill and van Bourgondien. So I have checked out there rating on the Garden Watchdog tab and find out they are less than stellar. Then I look at some of the top 30 companies that are listed there and see how high the prices are and wonder which is better. Risk getting a bad plant half off or spending 2 to 3 times as much. I come out ahead if I get a good plant half off but not if it is a bad plant that dies. What should a gardener do?

Gardening is my therapy!!

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