Monday, February 18, 2008

Seeds planted

A couple of weeks ago I got out the grow lights. Actually I went out and bought new fixtures and bulbs. I had read an article in Horticulture magazine about what lights to use as grow lights. The article suggested using a cool or warm white foresent bulb with a full spectrum bulb. So that is what I bought was two cool white light bulbs and two full spectum light bulbs. I put my airplane plant babies from last fall and some herb seedlings under the light. They all seem to be doing much better now than when they were in the window.

Today I had a holiday from work for presidents day. This gave me some extra time to plant up some seeds I had saved from last year and the year before. I planted up several containers with 2 kinds of orimental peppers, double yellow Datura, white columbine and white pasque flower. We will see how it goes.