Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!!

Spring is just around the corner. That saying reminds me of a cartoon my sister send me the other year. Here it is. I got a big laugh out of it.

I am starting to stress a little. I seem to have a lot on my plate right now and in the next few weeks. I have the pond to finish. If the weather had been nicer and we hadn’t gotten the snow and 3 inches of rain in the last month. I would be a lot further along. Right now the pond is a mud hole. Here it is covered in snow. I really want to get the pond done ASAP so it has time to get established. We volunteered our garden for a social function for the Heartland Men’s Chorus in May. When you get a bunch of gay men together, especially the chorus they can be very picky. Not that I am that way at all!!! Then in the fall I volunteered our garden for a member’s only party for the garden club we belong to. I don’t worry so much about the garden members being picky!

Then the house needs to be painted. We are going to get a couple of bids but I know the price will be more than I want to pay. Plus the way I have some of the plants and trellis attached to the house I am sure this will discourage a reasonable price. I figure I will have to do it myself. The deck also needs to be power washed and stained. No rest for me this spring.

Update on my seedlings!

My seedlings are coming along pretty good. I think I started them too soon but I hope to have nice big plants by the time I am ready to set them out. My impatiens didn’t come up at all. I guess that is what I get from buying them from a big box store.

My marigolds aren’t coming up very good either. I saved seed from last years and I know they won’t come back true to the ones from last year. I just wanted to save money from buying the six packs. I am going to give it one more tries and if that doesn’t produce results out the seeds go and I will be buying marigolds.

I am also having problems with my baisl. It looks like the bulbs are burning the leaves. I have never seen anything like that before. I need to move the light up some to see if that helps. This next week is our garden club meeting and if I have some basil that looks good I am going to take some of the plants there to give them away. I don't need basil plants. I could make lots of pesto that way?!?

I went out last weekend and bought somemore light fixtures and bulbs. One per shelf just didn't seem like enough light. The poor little plants on the ends were stretching to get some light. I'd really like to get another shelving unit with more lights but that will have to wait until next year.