Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring flowers from years past

I just needed some pictures of spring to remind me that it is on the way. I love taking pictures and hope you like them also. I have a lot of pictures on a photo blog here is a shortcut to get to my pictures Hope you enjoy. There are a lot of people from all over the world that post pictures. Very interesting site.
I was trying to figure out what the plant is in the 2nd picture. The first is a Red Bud tree, third is white King Alfred Daffodils and the last is Bleeding Heart. I think I have lost the tag for the 2nd one. What I like about it is that it grows in the shade and has such beautiful flowers. I want more but I can't remember where I bought it at. I need to do a better job of keep track of my plants. I had such good intentions when I started creating and planting the flower beds. But keeping lists was something I could put off until tomorrow and now tomorrow is here and guess what I haven't done anything. Oh well, not I have to wait until spring to get outside to see what tags I can find and make a better marker for them and get a list together. Any suggestions on how you keep track of your plants or how I can keep track of mine would be most helpful.
Happy Gardening!!


modelt2 said...

Is #2 an aster? I have had them before and they are really beautiful. I don't pay enough attention to the names to remember.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

No it's not an aster. Since the weather has warmed up I will go look at the tag and post it here. Thanks for your comment!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have just found yours and I like it. You have a very down to earth approach in writing and gardening which I like.

BTW love the rustic twig chair.