Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Harvest

The fall brings the harvest. On the farm growing up the fall was the time to harvest the corn and milo. Now that I am away from the farm I find myself collecting seeds and cuttings from the garden. Most of the seeds I keep are the easier ones to grow indoors next Feburary or March. The cuttins are of some of the easier plants to over winter. Unfortantitly some of the cuttings never make it out of the water after rooting and into dirt for the winter. I just plant them straight out in the pots next spring.
The dark red seed are from some pepper plants I grew this summer. The one on the bottom left is the black pearl pepper. The pepper starts out black and turns red when mature. The one in the middle is one I have grown in the garden for years and keep collecting the seed every fall for the following year. I am not sure what it is called but love it! The light pink seed pods are from the hardy begonia. This is the first year I have collected the seeds. It reseeds itself rather easily in the flower bed so I thought I would start seeds to take to the garden club and give away. What I mean when I say reseeds itself easily I don't mean invasive. They are easy to control by pulling the seedlings out of the ground. The vines in the back are cuttings of a couple of vines that I like. Not sure what they are called but like to use them in haning baskets and pots.

Well I will stop rambling on. I hope to have a post of my seed starting next spring.