Thursday, February 8, 2007

Deer, Deer Deer

In My last posting I mentioned that the deer ate my creeping phlox. Well I found pictures of what they looked like last spring. Oh well you can't cry over spilt milk. Has anyone found anything that will keep deer away? I found a product called Liquid Fence that works pretty well but if you go too long in between applications the deer will eat off the new growth that doesn't have any of the Liquid Fence on it. My first experience with deer was the fall after we moved in. I need to dead head the one rose bush that I had planted but I thought why bother it will be cold soon and I won't get anymore roses or so I thought. One Saturday morning I went out to look at my garden and noticed that all the dead roses had been cut off. I asked my other half if they had done it(which was a stupid question). All I could figure was the deer came by and ate them off. I thought that if that is all the deer are going to eat I would be alright. Boy was I ever wrong!!

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