Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Roof

Due to a hale storm on May 2nd we are getting a new roof. I will have to say I wasn't happy about it. Why wouldn't I be happy the insurance company was paying all but the deductible and leaf guards on the gutters. Oh and there was also the upgrade Scott wanted to Life Time shingles. He's always got to have the best. I guess that is why he has me ;) I was really afraid that my plants would be destroyed. I envisioned them shoving the old shingles off all sides of the roof into the flower beds. The roof guy said that they would set plywood up against the house so the shingles wouldn't land on the plants. I got to thinking, a sheet of plywood is 8 feet long and my beds are 8" from the house and the roof is10 feet up. I envisioned the shingles hitting the plywood and the plywood falling flat to the ground. But I took his word they would be careful. I was pleasantly surprised that they took the shingles up and carried them to where they had the trailer setting in the drive and put through them in. I could find very little damage to the flower beds.

Here are some pictures. Scott picked out the shingles and he did a great job!

What the old shingles looked like.
After the shingles were torn off and before the new shingles were put on.
The finished roof.

My 5 minutes of fame!?!?!?

Not sure if I should show this or not. This is anything from garden related but we had a blast!! Here is the website if you want to read the story.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

How many common names can this lilly have?

Majic Lily, Surprise Lily, Resurection Lily, Naked Lady or August Lily, these are the names I have heard this lilly called. I remember as a child the hot dry August days when the grass was brown Most of the plants had gone dormate and there they were. These fresh buds coming up out of the dry ground and opening in the hot humid August days.
This lilly is like the first bulds that bloom in the spring. They get me excited that spring is coming. These lillies keep my interest going through the hot days of summer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What I have been doing this summer!!!!

Here are a couple of before pictures. This is a pretty steep hill to go up and down. Also if I wanted to plant anything it would need to have a couple of walls put in. Still working on that but I do have the steps in. It has only taken a year but they are done.
Doesn't this look boring? I think so. I would much rather see some flowers and folige. Maybe an urn or two. I have a couple that I hadn't found homes for yet. The ideas are almost endless!!!

Here is the after..... Of course Bonnie has to get in the picture!! I'd say that was her best side but she would probable bit me!

I just have the stones stacked on top of each other to make each step. Most of the steps are solid, I have a few that rock back and forth a little. I need to shim those up with some smaller rocks.

Now it is time for a couple of walls to level it out some. Hopefully it won't take another year!