Friday, August 31, 2007


This phlox I bought because of the variegated foliage. I am sure it will look better next year. But I am not disappointed with it at all.

Here is the tag if you can read it.

Not sure why I bought Robert Poore. It looks ok. Not really one I would write home about but it performed well even after being eaten off a couple of times by the deer. I think the picture on the card looked darker than it turned out to be and I do love the rich dark colors.

First one I ever bought. Not sure of the name but right now it is planted under a Japanese maple with Hostas. The poor thing. Does real well considering the lack of light. I think next year I will give it a better home.

This one is David. I can't fine the tag but I know it said part sun to sun. I planted it umder my Jones rose bush where it doesn't get much sun. I think this one needs a better home also.

This is a little side note. I wrote the previous comment about the David Phlox a week or two ago and didn't post it right away but I just drove by someones yard that had two big groups of white phlox in their shaded from yard and they looked wonderful. I think I will leave him where he is at and see how he does next year.

Phlox maculata
Meadow Phlox

This is the native phlox for the midwest or so I am told. It is a nice color does well considering the deers dining habits.


Gina said...

the phlox are nice. i bought the Elisabeth one this year too. It was on clearance at HD for 3.33 and it still looks HORRIBLE. I'm hoping that it improves next year.

LostRoses said...

I keep meaning to buy some decent phlox. The ones I have were passalongs from someone's garden about 15 years ago. They are unremarkable in color but heavenly in scent. Everytime I see a post about phlox, I think I must buy some better ones!

I like the saturated color of the one whose name you don't remember, but I think I'm dreaming of billowy, white phlox.

Dirty Fingernails said...

I love varigated anything.. I had no idea there is a phlox.. My phlox seems to be works best for me in early summer. Any ideas for fall?

guild_rez said...

Your selction of phlox plants is great, very nice colours. With good compost and tender loving care watch them grow and by next year you'll have a garden full of wonderful flowers.

Andrea's Garden said...

I love phlox. There was a famous gardener in Germany - Karl Förster - and he said, "A garden without Phlox is not a garden." Good shopping. :-)

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Gina - That is a great deal. At least if it doen't grow you are out full price.
Lost - I haven't noticed a scent in the phlox I have. Maybe that is the trade off when you buy a hybrid?
Dirty - I love the varigated plants of all kinds also. I think this one I ordered from Garden Crossing. Their plants are priced on the high side but they are good quality.
Guild - Thanks for the encouragement.
Andrea - I would agree any garden without Phlox is not a garden. Thanks for the comment.

Bob said...

Cliff, really beautiful phlox. It's nice the deer did such great job on pruning. No staking required this year:/ And even with all the chomping they still bloomed. The variageted one is very cool.
All the best to you and yours. BOB

p.s. seems to me that the taller whites are most fragrant and one clump can smell up a whole yard.

Dirty Fingernails said...

Cliff, now you give me the spending too much money bug.. It is a disease I tell you.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lovely phlox, I especially like the variegated one!

lisa said...

Yea, the deer have been trimming my phlox, too...dead-heading blooms now also! I hate to spray them with the smelly deer repellent, cuz' their blooms smell too good, but it's gotta happen before I have no plants left! I like your variegated variety, I have "Nora Leigh' which is also variegated, but different.