Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Step Project

Here is my most recent project. I was thinking last year that there needed to be some steps here to make accessing behind the rose trellises easier. I was motivated a couple Sundays ago and put these in.

It was rather quick and easy to do. I guess since I have done this a few times before. All I did was figure out where I wanted the first step at the bottom of the hill and dug out some dirt so I could put the first rock half above and half below the dirt. Next I stood on it to make sure it didn't rock, if it did I just put some dirt under it until it stopped rocking, Then I eyeballed it to make sure it looked level and went on to the next step and did the same thing.

The plantings I did last week to finish off the look. The tree/bush on the left is a Crepe Myrtle, the picture on the card attached to it shows a purple flower but the one that is opening is pink. The small variegated plant in front of the bush (can only see a small amount of it) is the Tasmanian Tiger Spurge and the bush I am not sure. We like it because the new foliage comes out red.


Laurie & Chris said...

The steps and plants look very nice. Thanks for stopping by our blog

LostRoses said...

You're so lucky to have all those stones to work with. That really looks nice! Oh, I'm jealous of your crape myrtle.

Bob said...

Cliff, the seating area looks great! I would love to have the space for something like that in my garden. I'm jealous.
Love the crape myrtle. I didn't know they were hardy in your area. I love them but they don't do that well here. What hybrid is yours, would love to see if it will preform here.
Plus love the pieres, Looks like mountain fire or valley fire, both great varieties.

As always, all the best.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks for the kind words laurie & chris

lostroses, I guess I am lucky to have the rocks. I had always dreamed of more of a formal garden but now I am loving what I have.

Thanks Bob, yes it is mountain fire. As far as crepe myrtle in this zone if we have a real hard winter they will freeze to the ground. People around here treat them as shrubs not trees. I found it for 75% off at a big box store so for $9 I couldn't pass it up. Thanks for all your kind comments, they are appricated!!

Andrea's Garden said...

hi there, love that limestone and the work you are doing with it, but I have told you that before. :-) Anyhow, will say goodbye for 2 weeks. See you in blog land then. Langeoog is the spot where we'll be. Andrea

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Bob, I add a picture of the tag, that should give you all the information you are looking for. hopefully you can click on it to enlarge it. let me know if you can't.

Bob said...

Thanks Cliff, It's the Crape mrytle I thought I was. Can't beat the price.
Thanks for the info,