Sunday, August 5, 2007

Name these plants

We found these while clearing brush off Scott's lake lot near Mound City, KS (middle of BFE). I guess it's not that bad. It is an hour and half SW of where we live.
The first two pictures are the same plant. The leaves are about 10 inches from the ground and the flower stalk is 20 inches from the ground. I have never seen anything like this before. I first noticed the flowers and thought how pretty and then I looked at the leaves and thought is that poison ivy? There is alot of poison ivy on the lot but after comparing what I know was poison ivy I ruled that it wasn't.

The third and fourth pictues are the second pland and I was thinking looked like Joe Pie Weed. I have only seen Joe Pie Weed a couple of times and am not sure that is what it is. It's stands about 3 feet tall and the flowers are a lavendar/grey color and it doesn't show up very well but the ones at the top in the middle are kind of fuzzy.
I am really excited about these two finds. They seem to grow well in shade or part shade. Plus the ground is rocky and the soil not real good. These would fit real well here in the woods

behind the house. The fourth picture shows the bug eaten leaves.


Bob said...

Cliff, I don't know what the top photos are, but the bottom ones are Joe pye weed. It looks like Eupatorium maculatum. Not very familiar with this plant. I have Eupatorium purpureum in my garden. It's the most commonly cultivated type. Hope this helps.

All the best, bob

Dirty Fingernails said...

I was just going to say Joe Pye Weed as well. I am unfamiliar with the name of the others, but have seen the top purple one around here in GA wild..

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks Bob and Dirty, I was wondering if it was Joe Pye Weed. Seems to do pretty good in the shade. The other is some kind of native I will need to take a picture of it to the native nursery we have here.

Thanks for all your help!!