Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hydranges tree

This is what the Hydrangea tree looked like this last January. Now picture it a few days later with the branches gone where the ice is. I was sick to my stomach. Mad at my self for not thinking that the ice could break off those branches. Now I know it was all for the best. As you can see by the pictures you can't tell that the branches were ever missing.

Some of the blooms are so large. Bigger than a football. I can't tell if they have a sent or not. There is a Casablanca Lily right there so I don't know if that is what I am smelling or if they have a slight sent.

I have lost a couple blooms from the wind but they have been smaller ones on weak stems. The blooms will start turning a brownish pink shortly and will add interest to the front of the house this winter.


Bob said...

A beautiful hydrangea. It's amazing how well it rebounded.Have been thinking of trying to find a place for one of these in my garden. There are some newer hybrids of these that are in pinks, roses, and burgundies. Have not seen any in person, Have you? It looks like they are a great hydrangea for you area.
Take care, Cliff

LostRoses said...

That's a really amazing photo of the ice on the hydrangea, but no less amazing than how it looks now. Mother Nature continues to astound us with the resiliency she provides to some plants. Especially to this one!

Anita said...

Oh wow, a hydrangea tree! I've never seen hydrangea like this - and wonder if they even exist here in Germany.


MrBrownThumb said...

Your hydrangea is very nice. I've never seen on grown like a standard topiary before. I've always thought of them just being "shrubs".

snappy said...

Thats one beautiful flowering Hydrangea.Who would believe it would grow that well after the icy assault in January?
I love plants that come back from the edge of extinction.Its a lovely plant.I like the Blue and White flowered Hydrangeas.I have a cutting growing in the kitchen windowsill.When i move flat in a few months its coming with me.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Bob - no I have not seen any of the other colored hydrangea trees. I hadn't seen one before we picked this one out. Must not be very popular? I need to add a picture of what it looks like now, not so good. The blooms are so heavy the branches are all bent way down.

Thanks Lostroses for your comments.

Anita, I am sure you should be able to find one over there. It survies zone 5 winter real well. Good luck!!

MrThumb - I had until the Scott wanted one since he had one at his other house. I am really pleased with it.

Snappy - Thanks for your comments. I don't know why I have this thing for hydrangeas, it might be the blooms and the different colors they can be from one year to the next. When you move will you be able to plant your hydrangea outside? Thanks for visiting, it's been a while.

Tim said...

Looked through your entire blog today - some very good information and nice looking gardens. I love to work in the soil, myself...and hope to get to this spring and summer. I have a few blogs, myself. Be sure to stop by....they're all about music. Oh yeah, I'm just down the road a piece in Springfield.

Thanks again for a great blog, with helpful information.

Shirlyn Bethea said...

I brought a hydrangea . The dirt was full of small thin white worms. Is this good or bad.. If it is bad , what can I do? SB

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Sorry It has been so long since you asked about the worms in your Hydrange tree you bought. Unfortantly I don't have an answer for you. Maybe you can take the worms to a nursery and ask them what they are and if they are harmful. If the plant looks ok and I had the tree I would plant it and see how it grows.

TN Nursury said...

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