Monday, August 27, 2007


Several fellow bloggers responded with suggestions to my aphid problem. My first choice was Bob’s suggestion to use neem oil. The only problem was the nurseries I went to didn’t have it. I don’t really think they knew what it was by the look on their faces. When I went to the last one I explained what I wanted and I go the typical response that they didn’t have neem oil but they did have ladybugs and that would be the only thing they had that I could use that wouldn’t hurt the butterflies and bees. Then I remembered that Dirty Fingernails said that is what she used so I figured it would be worth a shot.

I can't say the ladybugs got rid of all the aphids but they sure helped. Next year I will need to buy them earlier so they are ready and waiting for the aphids. Thanks for everyones advise.


Andrea's Garden said...

How neat! I always get excited when I see lady bugs because I know they eat those horrible lice. What I did not know is that they could be bought in a bag. :-) You'll probably have lots of them next year. I am caught up reading by the way. :-)Glad your back. Hope all is well.

Laurie & Chris said...

That is really neat that they sell lady bugs that way. I will have to check into these we have ahids all over our lupines.I hate them. Thanks for sharing:)

Bob said...

Cliff, glad you got some lady bugs. They will take out some of the aphids, but they do work a little better earlier in the season. Sorry you had a hard time with the Neem Oil. I just divided my Alliums and would love to send you some with a bottle of Neem oil. It's not a inconvience--- I buy Neem Oil, as well as 400 other ferts and Pesticides for the company I purchase for. I literally walk by these products all day long. And regarding your previous comment, there is no need to pay for shipping. Let me make it my treat, Family does have to stick together;) MY email address is send me your address and I'll get them to you so the bulbs can get into the ground. All the best to you. And I'm with Andrea, Glad you're back, BOB

modelt2 said...

I guess they will package and sell anything these days. Can't wait to tell a co-worker. She and her husband have a "cabin" (actually it is anything but a cabin) near the MS river and it is sometimes inundated with lady bugs. What I mean is the walls are covered!! Jane

Dirty Fingernails said...

I am so glad , they put a dent in it for you.. I put them out three times during the summer and have great results.. I also love to look at them.. I am with Bob and Andrea Glad you are back!!!

LostRoses said...

Great idea, Cliff. I've never bought them but I've been tempted. I've heard they will all just fly away unless you let them loose in the evening. And how long do they stay around, I wonder?

I remember seeing thousands of them all gathered in one spot one late summer day when we were hiking up in the foothills. I didn't realize until then that they hibernate (or whatever insects do in the winter!).

I'm glad it worked for you.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks Andrea, one thing that surprised me is when I bought them I ask how long they live in the bag and the guy didn't tell me how long but he said that he puts them in the refrigerater at night to keep them alive longer?

Laure and chris - I have seen these sold on a website in the past.

Bob - you are such a great guy! I sent the information to your email address. thanks!!

Thanks Jane - just make us paranoid!!

Thanks Dirty, glad to be back!

Lost Rose - yes you do need to let them loose in the evening and wet the plants in the area you want them to stay. After about a week I didn't see very many on the milkweed. but they did a good job.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

How are the lady bugs doing now?

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Iowa, The lady bugs stayed around about 3 weeks that I noticed. They did their job and went on their way I guess. Next year I want to put them out earlier and maybe keep the infestaion to a minimun. Thanks for visiting!! Cliff