Friday, September 7, 2007

Garden Volunteers Part 1

This is Surge. I have lost the tag so I don't know much else about it. It looks good most of the 3 seasons. I don't like the flower head but they don't last long. It does some traveling as you can tell by the picture. But it is easy to pull up and keep under control. It grow well in full sun and ok in part sun. You can't tell by the picture but it gets a pretty blue green color this time of year.
Now that I think of it maybe this isn't a volunteer but more of a traveler that is easy to control?

This is a salvia that came back from seed. It gets a little big for where it decided to grow, right in the middle of the stone path, but I couldn't bring myself to pull it when it was young and now I sure can't.

I have no ideal what this is called. I could probable look it up?!? I think it is in the cockcomb family or atleast I remember it growing with the cockcomb flowers in mom's garden when I was a kid. It too is a little big for where it decided to grow. It need to get back in the flower bed. Guess I will need to reseed it there myself.
So what would you call a reseeder that you have to reseed? A reseeder that is placement challenged?


clairesgarden said...

think the pink one is persicaria

modelt2 said...

How tall does the Surge get? Would it be something I could use for ground cover along either side of my arbor? Jane

Bob said...

Great post Cliff. I have had that spurge (Euphobia) in my garden. I love the lime green flowers it has and pine like foliage, but I had to remove it. I was really aggressive in my area. It was getting in the the lawn, popping up in the middle of my perennials. It's ashame because it a beauty. The tall volunteers are Celosia 'Plumosa'. Its a great cut flowers.
You inspired me to post on volunteers in my garden. I think it's interesting what pops up in our yards and how different it is by area.
Take care my garden buddy, BOB

LostRoses said...

Cliff, I bought some spurge at Walmart last fall when they were clearing things out. I didn't expect much of it but it really came back with a vengeance this year even in part shade. I like the flowers better than the foliage on mine. Now that you mention it, it is rather crowding out its neighbors!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks Claire
Jane - surge gets 8 to 10 inches. Might work good for you. It will fill in and maybe spread into the yard. See Bob's comment.
Bob - I am glad I could inspire you, it is usally the other way around!! Thanks for the other information. Your input is always welcome!!
Lost - I have the same problem with my surge but I think it is easy to control. Pulls out of the ground easy. Watch out for the sap it is sticky. Thanks for your comments!!

Phillip said...

I like the spurge - it looks great. I'm also a big fan of salvias and the red ones are really nice. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That spurge looks good and so does your slavia. I can understand why you didn't/couldn't pull it out.

lisa said... spurge does the same thing, as do both my varieties of lysimachia. In fact, I have an entire flowerbed dedicated to the "wanderers"...that way, I get to watch them redesign themselves every year, and there are plenty of them which makes me feel better about pulling up any that come up in bad spots.

snappy said...

Bob Identified the Red flowers as Celosia Plumosa.I got some free mortuary plants, with Celosias in colours of Red, pink, and yellow.
Its great your grew itself.I love the tactile flowers.