Sunday, July 1, 2007


The last 4 days it has done nothing but rain off and on. I know I shouldn't complain it has been an easy rain not like what they have gotten in other parts of the country the last few days. the one good thing is that it has stopped raining long enough for me to take some pictures. These are of the Marsh Milkweed a native here in the midwest. It really attracts the bees and butterflys when the weather is nice. On the tour several people commented on how big the plants were. They are around 4' tall and 4 to 5' wide and still growing. Let me know if you get tired of me mentioning the tour.


Sarita said...

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modelt2 said...

Do you think they would grow in the MS delta? You continue to introduce me to plants I am not familiar with and I thank you for that. Jane

Bob said...

Cliff, I'd dont have any asclepias in my garden. These are gorgeous! Anything that attacts the butterflies is great. I'll have to see if I can find a place in the garden for these.

All the best to you and yours,

LostRoses said...

I like your midwest milkweed. I was trying to identify a plant in my daughter-in-law's garden this week and it turned out to be common milkweed. Not as pretty as yours, but a nice starburst bloom that supposedly attracts monarch butterflies.

I'm glad you've had rain but not too much of it like Texas and Oklahoma.

Andrea's Garden said...

I have never seen milkweed over here, but lots of phlox is planted. It grows quite large, too. Will have to look up the botanical name Bob mentionend and see if it is used here. Where is your self-esteem? It is all right to mention the tour and something to be quite proud of. I closed June in my blog, stop by when you find the time. Take care and have a good week, Andrea

Andrea's Garden said...

Scott, me once more.

In your blog settings, disable "anonymous posting". Users will then have to enter a combination of letters before their comments are added. Then you won't be spammed as you did with the first entry by sarita. Just a thought.