Monday, July 9, 2007

Landscape before and after

This is my first paid landscape project!!!

This is our neighbors front yard. She has been trying to sell the house for several months with no interest. She asked me if I would help her do some landscaping in the front yard. We went to a couple of the big box stores and found some of the plants 50% off. Here are some of the plants I planted.
Variegated Liriope
Tasmanian Tiger Spurge
Pink Knockout Roses
Endless Summer Hydrangea

Here is the finished project. Enlarge the pictures to get a better look.


Andrea's Garden said...

You did a really great job helping her out making the front yard more attractive. I like the color of the house. Maybe when I win the lottery I could buy a second home and have one in both of my favorite countries. :-) Just kidding. That yard screams, "Plant something here!" She should have asked you earlier. :-) Take good care of yourself, Andrea

modelt2 said...

GOOD JOB!! I like seeing the before and after pictures. Jane

guild_rez said...

I agree with Andrea, the color of your house is great..
I think it is wonderful to create new spaces, flower beds and add interesting objects to your garden.
What you plant this year, will grow bigger the next year.
Perhaps the Hydrangea Annabelle would be a good choice plant to add to your garden.
cheers from Canada

Bob said...

Nice colour choice of plant material against the powder blue home. You better watch out, One job often leads to another. You may have a new career.

All the best.

LostRoses said...

Nice job! Some curb appeal via nice plantings makes all the difference. And the chairs on the porch make it homier. I've never understood why anyone wants only grass (even if it is nicely mowed).

Dirty Fingernails said...

great job!! before you know it those plants will be big. Esp. the lirope. I like you am mostly flowers and try my hand at a few veggies,mostly herbs..