Friday, June 8, 2007

Windy Day

Boy was it windy on Wednesday June 6th. We had 50 mph winds and the weather service had issued a wind advisory. I was afraid when I got home from work the garden would be a wreck. But surprising enough things didn't look too bad. Some of the taller plants had blown over but could be staked back up. I had imagined worse.
The thing that had to be fixed right away was my Laceleaf Staghorn Sumac. I have had this tree for about 5 years and have kept it in a pot on the deck. Why in a pot you might ask. Well Sumac tend to travel and send up shoots where you don't want them. But the main reason was when I bought it I didn't have anywhere prepared to plant it in the ground. You have to understand, the dirt is horrible and needs amended before even the weeds will grow. Well that is a little over stated. Now where was I. Oh, since it sits outside unprotected all winter I end up repotting it every few years because the pots get cracked from the freezing and thawing. I knew it needed a new pot this year but I kind of liked the cracked, chipping pot it was in. I thought the pot looked like it had character. In reality I was just too cheap to buy a new one. I could get several plants for what a new pot would cost.
When Scott called and said the tree blew over and the pot broke and we needed a new one. I asked if I couldn't glue it back together? That is when he started making the cheap, cheap sounds like he was a bird! I got the message. The pot that broke was from Sam's and cost $17. Sam's hadn't carried them for the last couple of years so I didn't know where I would find one. Anyway to make a long story short. I bought a fiberglass pot for about $30. I is light weight and has a life time warranty!! We will see about that. Here are some pics. before and after. Enjoy!! Sorry you will have to tilt your head for the one of them.


Andrea's Garden said...

I have started buying fiberglass pots, too. First, they are easier to move around. I have got a lot of pots anyhow and for the big items, they are just great. Second, they don't break easily. However, still got a thing for blue pottery. That is my favorite color. Well, the guys have to move those for me because I tend to move pots in the flower beds to bare spots. In Germany Aldi Stores has specials during the gardening season and you can get big ones in different shapes (round, square) for about $5. I never saw that in Aldi's in KS, but maybe that has changed since I have left. / Andrea

LostRoses said...

Sorry about that wind we sent you, it wreaked havoc here too. I like your replacement pot and I agree those are the way to go. So much lighter to move around and they look great too!

Andrea's Garden said...

One more question I have... why don't you just turn your pictures and save them and THEN upload them? You know, I always have to turn my laptop around. *LOL* Just messing with ya'.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Andrea the answer to your last comment is I am lazy. I admit it, I try and not hide the obvious!

Lostroses, lets just blame the dubious gardener for the wind. sounds like something he would do!!