Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rose - Princess Diana

Here is what the Princess Diana rose looks like from our rose tree. Only one of the rose trees bloomed so far. Something ate the buds off the other tree. We ended up getting about 6 blooms off this one. Now the problem is that the other has sprouted new buds and will bloom in a couple of days and this tree is done with its first blooms. So, for this year they will not bloom at the same time again. I guess I should look on the brighter side, it could be worse one of the trees could have died!!


Bob said...

The roses are really beautiful. It's sad to hear what the deer have done to them. I'm very lucky that I don't have any come into my yard. Some gardeners in this area really have problems with them. They love roses and tulips. It seems that they wait until they are in bud and then, chomp!
It's just the pits!

If any one questions it during the garden tour, tell them it's the new asymetrical look. And it's all the rage in Europe.


modelt2 said...

They sure are beautiful. Reminds me of when I had beautiful roses in Mexico, MO. Do you remember?? I think you dug some of them up. Jane

Maite's Kunst said...

hi there, had to drop by and check what's new. This is a beautiful rose and you're right, one could have died. I have a Graham Thomas and Eden Rose 85. They both are very good roses and so far pretty resistant to disease. Sorry I cannot help you with the deer. Glad they stay in the woods behind our property - if there are any, probably too populated for them. I will post some pics tomorrow. Take care, Andrea PS: good luck on the Garden Tour

LostRoses said...

That is a pretty rose, I've wondered what it looked like in "real life". I think you can use your deer experience as a teaching tool to the garden visitors. At least the newbies will know what to expect!

Andrea's Garden said...

the post you see "Maite's Kunst" is really me - Andrea - I was working on my friend's blog - helping her and must have still been logged on with her account. Don't want to confuse you. Andrea

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Bob, Thanks for the explanation.

Jane, Yes I dug some of them. I think Mom still has a couple left.

Andrea, Thanks, the tour was successful. I thought maite's kunst might be you but wasn't sure until I read all the comments. Thanks!

Lost Rose, I was able to swap stories with other gardeners on the tour day. Did find out anything new. It made me feel better that other gardeners have the same problem with deer. Thanks for visiting my blog!