Monday, June 25, 2007

Garden Tour

The garden tour was yesterday, June 24th and it was a success. We had a sunny day with temperatures in the upper 80's. It was hot in the sun but very pleasant in the shade. About 120 gardeners toured our garden in 4 hours.
The most asked question was, where did you get all the rocks from. When I told them I carried them up the hill from behind the house they were all shocked. The next most asked question was how old the garden was. When I told them 4 years they couldn't believe how much I had done in 4 years. This is all a great boost for the ego. However, I had never thought about the number of rocks I have carried and how much they weigh. I just knew what I wanted to have in the end and set about doing it. I also hadn't thought about how much I did in 4 years. I was disappointed that I didn't get the upper path done in the woods so people could walk through the woods. I guess I am my own critic.
These are pictures of all the sitting areas around the garden. I have tried to create garden rooms, this is what all the experts say we should do. I just don’t have all the mature plants to create the wall etc. It is all coming along even though I don’t have a plan. I just fly by the seat of my pants.

The first picture is looking down on the patio from the deck.

This is a sitting area towards the back end of the wookds. I thought I would dress it up like you could sit down and have tea.

This seating are is towards the from of the house and faces the side of the house where I have a bed that is about 10 by 40.

This area is behind the rain garden and faces the woods and the impatient bed in front of the woods.

This is the dining area under the deck. I was happy with what I came up with to have on the table. I think it could be better but it was ok.


LostRoses said...

Wow, I wish I had been on that tour. Your garden looks fabulous, and those tablescapes - I'm impressed! (love the dragonfly napking rings). You did haul a few rocks, didn't you? I noticed you have - is it pea gravel?- between your flagstones in the first photo. That's a good idea and one I can use while I'm waiting for the creeping thyme to fill in.

I bet you're breathing a big sigh of relief and satisfaction now that it's all over. Kudos to you!

Andrea's Garden said...

I have been anxious about reading your garden tour story! Now it is finally here. Can't tell you how much I envy you for all the beautiful lime stone you have in your backwoods to use for terraces and all kind of neat things in your garden. Everything looks beautiful. I love the draped chairs. The arrangement looks like it is straight out of a home & garden magazine. Anyhow, I bet you are happy that it was such a big success and a well deserved one, too. In my humble opinion, Andrea

modelt2 said...

Great job!! I am so glad the tour was a success, hope you can rest a little now.(HA!) I knew you were talented, I just didn't know how talented. Jane

Bob said...

The garden looks greeeaaaat!!!!
Congrats on a very successful tour. You obviously have work really hard. The beautiful plant material and wonderful hardscapes. I can diffinetly see 'family' touches ;)
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

All the best, BOB

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks Lostroses. I was afraid my garden wouldn't measure up. But not to brag, because I wasn't raised that way, it did.

Thanks Andrea for you kind comments, you are a great blog friend and person!!

Thanks Jane, you are a great sister and I/we are lucky to have you as a sister.

Thanks Bob, and yes there are 'family touches' in the garden. It really confussed some people. One person commented to one of the volunteers. He lives here well who decorated the tables? That is the midwest for you!!

Ewa said...

you made absolutely great job in your garden. it is amazing that it's only 4 years old. that's much of very heavy work. congratulations on effects! thanks for sharing.
do you mind if I link you?
greetings from Poland,