Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall flowers

This post is just pictures of some of the flowers that are blooming that I haven't posted about recently. The thing is that both Scott and I have our birthday this month and I thought it was time to have a birthday bash. So that is what I am dedicating my time to right now. Usually when we have a party we hire a cater and bartender so we don't have to do so much and can enjoy our guests. This year I thought I would try and do the cooking myself. We still hired the bartender because I don't want to get stuck behind the bar.

I am trying to stay organized. I have the food picked out that I want to fix and serve. The list is made and ready to go to the store here shortly to pick up the ingredients. Next I am going to see what I can make ahead and what I will need to make the day of the party. Need to get all the platter out and see if I can find enough silverware and plates for 50 people. Either way I will have some plastic plates and silverware as back up. I do not like to use plastic/paper plates and silverware. I will have to use plastic glasses. Don't have enough glasses on hand for that many people.

I guess I better get busy. Will post more about it next week. Enjoy these pictures for now.


Bob said...

Happy Birthday to you guys. Here's toasting to you both for many more. The Pictures are great! Still laots of colour. I don't think I've every seen Ipomea (sweet potato vine) in bloom. Very cool! Consider the sent package a b-day gift.
All the best, BOB

Andrea's Garden said...

hey, hope you have a great birthday party. I don't like drinking out of plastic cups/glasses myself either. But I would have a problem having 50 wine glasses ready to use, too. We had a BBQ for our advisory board last year and since it was a BBQ we offered beer as well, even though we are wine drinkers. We can borrow beer glasses where we buy beer here in the city. That was a great relief for us then. Now a gardening question. Can you tell me the name of the first and last rose you've shown here? Take care - we are drowning in rain over here. Andrea

Catherine said...

Beautiful flowers, & photo's!

Regina said...

I found your blog over andreas garden
You have very beautiful flowers and
the photos are great.The Ipomea is
very cool.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Bob, Thanks for the package!! Cant wait till next year to see them bloom. My purple sweet potato always blooms. The one this year has bloomed more than the others I have had.

Andrea, I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like plastic. As far as the roses The orange one came from Venture when they were still in business. Scott wanted it and I gave in. that was the days when I was a plant snob. The other is a Jackson Perkins one called Teasing Georgia. It is one of my favorates.

Cat and Regina, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Great photos, love the moonflower and the dragonfly.

milf said...

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milf said...

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