Friday, May 25, 2007

Woods out back

A couple of weeks ago after a rain shower I took the camera and went down in the woods to get pictures of the moss and ferns. Ferns and moss have fanticized me since I was a child. Not sure why. I guess part of it is how lush and green the moss gets and ferns go hand in hand with the moss.
In some of my other posts you can see all the rock I have moved out of the woods behind the house. After a couple of my rock projects were done I began to worry that I would destroy the beauty of the woods. What to do? I choose a couple areas to leave as is. Not to remove anymore rock and let nature continue doing what nature does best. I have tried to capture that in these pictures. I just love the rocks covered in the moss with the ferns sticking out of them. It reminds me of growing up on the farm during mushroom hunting season. When everything is green and lush. There were areas in the woods I could sit and admire the beauty.
One area in particular was next to Rudy's woods(neighbor) it was a triangular shaped woods and there was a big ash tree that was named Jane's mushroom tree. Jane is my sister and not real sure how she got a mushroom tree, no one else has a mushroom tree named after them. But she is the oldest of us 5 kids so she deserves her own tree. Anyway that area was the Northwest side of the hill and I always thought it was so green in the spring. The other area was the old mushroom patch, not that we had a new mushroom patch, but that area was always so green with new growth, ferns and moss. I actually buried a couple of my pets there when I was a kid because I liked that area so much. One other thing is the smell in the woods after a rain. You have the wet wood, soil and air is crisp. If only you could bottle it.
Anyway this is part of my woods I haven't disturbed too much. It is a far cry from what I remember from being a child. Hope you enjoyed my little story.


Bob said...

Seeing those pictures reminds me of many areas around my neck of the woods where I go hiking. Looks like great exploring. Just came across your blog and enjoying it.
All the best.
Bob of

modelt2 said...

Just to set the record straight--As I recall, I was the first one to find mushrooms under that tree so daddy called it "Jane's mushroom tree". It may have been named before you were born. Doesn't that make you feel younger? Looking at your pictures makes me want to live in the woods again. Thanks for sharing. Jane

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Jane, thanks for setting the record straight. Just giving you a hard time, isn't that what little brothers do????
Thanks Bob!!