Friday, May 4, 2007


Here is our fountain. Never been really excited about it. Was going to change it out this year but couldn't find anything we like more and the garden club article about our garden on tour mentioned the cobalt blue fountain. So that was reason enough to put it back. That reminds me I need to pick up extra copies of the gardening magazine to send to the family, so I can brag on the garden!!

I have added a spray head to top so that it makes more noise and add a little height. I also did the plants around it this year. Don't know how that is going to work. The grass hasn't grown any and the other plant, which you can't see very well in the pic is holly. Yea I know the holly is supposed to get 6 - 7 feet tall. Scott picked it out. I just hate always having to tell him it won't work so I let him go with it. But guess who will get to keep it trimmed? Me!!!! Sometimes I think I am the undergardener assistant instead of the gardener.

If anyone one has some suggestions let me know. This is what I think is funny about this fountain. Last year we looked at fountains and oh are they expensive. So being handy like I can be I thought I could save some money and have a unique fountain if I made one. I have a thing for pots(not Pot) especially blue ones. So we were at this nursery that had a great selection of pots and we picked out 3 different size pots or should I say $200 worth and brought them home. They didn't work. Went back and bought another. Not any better. Went to different nursery and bought the green one, blue one came from first nursery. So after spending about $400 lots of time, patients and gas we ended up with this. Oh lets not forget the $200 on the glass chunks and blue colored rocks that we put around the bottom of it. At least I gave it a try and no one else has one like it.


Kasmira said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm not really handy, I just fake it. :)

I love the colors of your fountain, the glass, and the liriope(?) I've wanted to make a fountain, but have been afraid to try.

Have fun with that holly! I have two mature (25 foot) trees. I like that they attract birds, are easy to garden beneath, and create nice, dappled shade. I do NOT like stepping on the prickly leaves with bare feet. I think they've even drawn blood a time or too. So wear shoes.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks for the reply kasmira. You can make a fountain. Start with a small one and you will enjoy it so much you will be adding a large one in no time.

Love the sound they make.