Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I was going through one of the photo cards for the camera and found pictures of our orchids in bloom from last winter. When I realized that I had not posted them here, or at least just a post dedicated to them.

This one we named Ophelia.

This one is named Dirk.

This is the first time he bloomed for us. We are so proud of him. We were getting worried since he didn't bloom last year but we were told it is common for them to skip a year before they bloom again. Now are the flowers have long faded and I have put them both outside for the summer. Dirk need to be in the shade all summer or his leaves will get burnt. Ophelia is more hardy she can be in part sun.

Can't wait to see if they bloom next year or if we have to wait another year.


modelt2 said...

I hadn't thought to put them outside. I have two that are headed that way right now. They should like it under the arbor. Jane

snappy said...

What kind of Orchids are they?I love Dirk and Ophelia.I hope my Bletilla flower eventually.Did you buy the orchids in bloom or grow them from baby plants?The jewel orchid came with a flower spike on it.The bletilla were just bulbs in sawdust.They will take all this year just to develop I think.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Jane, don't forget to keep them watered!! Just kidding I am sure they will love it outside.

Snappy, I am not at all good with remembering names of plants or people and even worse at trying to pronounce the names of certain plants. We bought them both in bloom orginally. Dirk was bought 2 years ago and this is the first time he has bloomed for us. Ophelia be bought this year in bloom. She is doing real good sending up new shoots of growth. I will try and find out the kind of orchids they are and let you know. Thanks for your comments.

Jay said...

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