Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Uses for old farm equipment

This display was very unique. Just loved what they did with the old rusty farm equipment. Now I wish Dad hadn't gotten rid of the old truck that my much older siblings used to learn to drive. I guess I could use the old 69 Chey Malibu that I wrecked to make water flow out of. I am sure Dad kept it around all these years to remind me that I wrecked their car.


modelt2 said...

I really like the "uses for old farm equipment". Makes me think of home.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

The good old days?!?! Except at the time I didn't think they were good!!!

lisa said...

I love displays like this...I have a few in my yard, but nothing that elaborate. One time I saw where someone used an old canoe to make a water garden inside of the irony, and once I find one-look out!