Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rolling Water

We have had an inch and a half of rain the last couple of days and this morning I was out enjoying the quiet early morning and I could hear the water in the creek behind our property. The creek is probable a couple hundred yards from the house, but you usually can't hear it unless it has rained recently. I have never walked all the way down to the edge of the creek but decided to this morning. With camera in hand I truged down the hill. With the recent rain and the steepness of the hill I almost landed on my rear a couple of times. I probable wouldn't have been so bad but with the camera in one hand and my coffee in the other it was kind of tough. I am working on getting steps down the hill at least on what we own. But then you have to walk down the narrow animal paths from where our property stops. And lets say I am a little larger than most of our animals around here. I snapped a few pictures so everyone could see what the creek looks like when the water is higher than normal. Hope you enjoy the pic's.

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lisa said...

"Camera in one hand and coffee in the other"...hahaha...sounds like my necessary supplies for ANY activity! Good thing you didn't take a spill into that water, or you'd be in the Mississippi by now!