Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last snow of the season??

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!!!
We went to my mother's farm Saturday the 17th to trim her fruit trees. The 3rd picture is of the orchard. As you can see that didn't happen. Boy was the weather nasty. Started to snow in the morning and continued all day. I think the birds liked it but that was about it. It was 36 degrees when I got up Saturday morning and put wood in the stove. Sometime around 3:00 it hit 37 degrees and was 31 Sunday morning.
I included some pictures of the birds that my mother feeds. I have always been particle to cardinals. Maybe it is because I grew up watching the St Louis Cardinals play baseball, which my mother likes to watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Red was my favorite color but now I tend not to have one favorite color but like earth tone colors. Then with a splash of red or blue to make it come a live. I like to use a lot of blue pots in the borders and on the deck and patio. It is whatever strikes your fancy. Tuesday Morning had these copper pots that I really liked. They weren't cheap or lets say what I could justify paying. I am thinking if I go back now and they still have them that means they were ment to be mine!!!!! I guess as long as I can justify it someway.
. Sunday
Since it was nicer today Scott and I went a head and started to prune the apple and peach trees plus the grape vines. Was only able to get the grapes and a couple the apple and peach trees done. I have no ideal how to trim the trees. I just do what I think Dad did when he trimmed the trees. It really doesn't matter if they produce any fruit or not. Mom is going to be 84 here is a month and doesn't really have any business canning or cooking up the fruit. I just hate for the trees to go wild and over grown. I guess I shouldn't worry about it but I think mom feels better if it gets done. Not sure when we will get down there again might not be until Easter weekend. The trees might be blooming then. Oh well, can't do it all.


lisa said...

Beautiful birds! I get visits from the red-bellied woodpeckers, but no cardinals. I can only speculate as to why, since they are in town only 20 miles away. I think it's because I have too many raptors here in the woods, and they are pretty easy to see.

greeny said...

Cool blog. We share the same weather patterns and apparently from reading your ideas for your own yard, some of the same DIY plans. Keep it up!

snappy said...

Awesome pictures of the Cardinals.You have such colourful birds in the USA with cool names.
Those even have the baseball team after them.They remind me of the three musketeers,Cardinal Richelou lol.The red and black colours are very religeous.I left you a suggestion for your new orchid on my comments link.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Lovely cardinals. I grew up near Wichita but now live in WA. Cardinals don't live here. It was fun to see the garden show photos. I also took photos at the Seattle garden show of arbors made from branches and cut wood. I'll be back to visit and see how things are growing for you.