Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Northland Garden Club Garden Tour

Well we were asked to have our garden on the garden tour this year for the garden club we belong to. I am excited about it but also dreading it. There is so much I would like to get done before the tour which is Sunday, June 24th. Here is the list I have come up with.
*Build a trellis for pole beans to grow on
*Build stick trellis
*Install white trellis in front of the house
*Finish edging along the path in the woods
*Build waterfall in the woods
*Make stick chairs and small table
*Flower box under window in front of house
*Plant red twig dogwood
*Set up existing water fountain
*Paint wicker chairs on the front porch
*Refinish the deck
*Add some landscaping to the front yard
Here is the website to the Northland Garden Club if you would like to check it out. They show some pictures form last year and have a short write up on each of the five gardens on the tour.
Click on the upcoming events link in the middle of the page.

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