Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Roof

Due to a hale storm on May 2nd we are getting a new roof. I will have to say I wasn't happy about it. Why wouldn't I be happy the insurance company was paying all but the deductible and leaf guards on the gutters. Oh and there was also the upgrade Scott wanted to Life Time shingles. He's always got to have the best. I guess that is why he has me ;) I was really afraid that my plants would be destroyed. I envisioned them shoving the old shingles off all sides of the roof into the flower beds. The roof guy said that they would set plywood up against the house so the shingles wouldn't land on the plants. I got to thinking, a sheet of plywood is 8 feet long and my beds are 8" from the house and the roof is10 feet up. I envisioned the shingles hitting the plywood and the plywood falling flat to the ground. But I took his word they would be careful. I was pleasantly surprised that they took the shingles up and carried them to where they had the trailer setting in the drive and put through them in. I could find very little damage to the flower beds.

Here are some pictures. Scott picked out the shingles and he did a great job!

What the old shingles looked like.
After the shingles were torn off and before the new shingles were put on.
The finished roof.


Phillip said...

I know how you felt! We had to have a new roof several years ago and I just knew that they would tear up everything. They did a great job though and nothing was harmed. I do find the occasional nail now and then. Your shingles are very pretty!

lisa said...

Looks great!

Wayne said...

Nice looking shingles! And it's amazing how well they can do it with little harm to the yard.

Andrea's Garden said...

Those really look nice! I have never heard of lifetime shingles. Over here they have shingles made of terracotta. I wonder what a replacement would cost. Actually I don't want to think about it. Anyhow, tell Scott, he's got taste. Andrea

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That would be a major worry for me too if we had to have the roof done. It's so easy to damage the plants. Glad everything went well and the new shingles look great!

BTW how Bonnie has grown! She is such a big girl now and very pretty. ;-)