Saturday, August 9, 2008

How many common names can this lilly have?

Majic Lily, Surprise Lily, Resurection Lily, Naked Lady or August Lily, these are the names I have heard this lilly called. I remember as a child the hot dry August days when the grass was brown Most of the plants had gone dormate and there they were. These fresh buds coming up out of the dry ground and opening in the hot humid August days.
This lilly is like the first bulds that bloom in the spring. They get me excited that spring is coming. These lillies keep my interest going through the hot days of summer.


lisa said...

And their amazing fragrance is a bonus, eh? Looks like you had a bumper crop of blooms this year! Mine stopped blooming after I divided them 3 years ago, but the foliage always looks great in the spring...strange.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

My almost favorite flower! It is an old timer for sure. Have you noticed how expensive they are to buy?