Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What is a gardener to do.....

I was talking with a fellow gardener recently and she mentioned that this time of year is hard for her. She could really explain why it was hard for her other than she was in a funk. I too find this time of year more difficult when it comes to my moods. It is also harder to come up with ideal to blog about. I still have been reading my favorite blogs off and on but for me there is less to blog about. I could post pictures of snow or bear trees and I am sure you don't want to see the piles of dog poo frozen in the yard. Which reminds me need to get that picked up. Do I have any volunteers? Thought not!

Anyway back to this funk I am in. This happens every year and around now is when I notice it. I really think it starts in the fall when the garden starts it's decline to winter. It just take until now for it to fully set in since the holiday keep me busy in other ways. So my question to all of you in blog land is what are your secrets to less the effect of the funk, that is if you get in that mood?

Here are a couple of things I do that helps a little but nothing can replace the sun and working in the yard.

Read all the garden magazines from the summer months the I have just stacked up in a pile.

Set unrealistic goals for what I want to do next summer from looking at all the wonderful things in the magazines.

Make wish lists from all the seed catalogs that are starting to come in the mail.

Order seed that I will never get around to planting. Hope I am not the only one that does this one.

Go to my favorite websites and see what they show is new for this year.

Mark on the calendar when the garden shows are and make plans to go.

Schedule vacation time now so I am sure to gets the days off I want to work in the garden.

Have the Doctor up the meds or as Scott call them the anti bastard pills (he is so loving)

Make phone call to catch up with old friends and family that I don't get to see that much in the summer because I am working in the garden.

If you would have any other ideals please let me know.


Barbara said...

Hello, I also realize some of the ideas you gave in order to "shorten" the winter season (which I do not like so much either!). What do I do actually? Well, dreaming of beautiful gardens, reading a lot of gardenbooks, gardening indoors (just a little), looking every day in the garden what happens there (when snow has disappeared!), looking for new blogs to read (so I am here now!) and waiting, waiting.....till real gardening season (outside) starts again!!
Have a good time and regards from frosty Switzerland,

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I do all the things you do for the most part except for the anti-bastard pills.........hmmmmm, wonder if my doc has any anti-bitch pills :).

One thing I do try to do in the winter is replant my houseplants.

Your berry picture with the snow is beautiful by the way.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks for visiting Barbara, just the thought of switzerland sounds nice but I guess you have your winter issues also.

Iowa - LOL they make alot of anti anything pills!! Thanks for visiting.

Wurzerl said...

Hi, I come from Bavaria, Germany, we have a really frosty and cold weather but I feel very good. I am looking forward and I know that the most shortest day were in Dezember. Now the days are more longer every day. Ok, look forward, visit nice garden blogs, read garden books and you will be happy too.
(But, don' t be angry with me, because my English is so terrible, I can only learn the language in Winter)
Have a nice week Wurzerl

modelt2 said...

You could always come to Cleveland and help me study, or re-organize my closets, rake the leaves (no snow here), clean out the storage shed, etc. --get the picture?? I think I have some magazines I could send you. Cheer up, spring will be here soon. Jane

Phillip said...

Funny you should post this as I just posted about the joys of winter gardening. :)

Actually, our weather is so erratic here that we do get some down time but also get a lot of pretty days as well. I actually like having a little reprieve as I think it recharges my batteries. I don't think I would like gardening in Florida or California. I need the changes of the seasons and the rest!

But, to offer some advice, what about building a greenhouse? I'm wanting on myself.

Barbara said...

Hello Cliff,
thank you for visiting and your kind comment. Your question about the hyazinths: We use these little hats not for decoration (so I was teached by my grandmother who did it also this way) but the bulbs need the darkness and some low temperatures in order to grow (first to make the roots). I take the hats away as soon as I see some green leaves pushing. This will be after some weeks.
Have a nice day!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ah, you suffer, like many people do, from the winter blues. Not enough daylight is what causing it, that and withdrawel symptoms from not being able to work in the garden. Eat chocolate, lots of it, with at least 70 % cacao content. I live in North Western Europe where the days are short now and mostly dull and grey. What keeps me sane is buying lots of spring bulbs in flower to decorate the house with. Oh, and it helps to have a conservatory too, all my kittycats and I enjoy that very much.
And remember, we are in January much closer to Spring than in September. ;-)

Andrea's Garden said...

I think it is only natural to be like this when the days are shorter, withless light outside and we have to motivate ourselves to get up in the dark, accept the dark coming home at night from work. I have been doing little craft projects, reading magazines, ordered seeds from Thompson&Morgan and cannot wait till the last snow comes and goes away again. By the way, I need for you to send me the mail with the scan again .. I deleted it accidentally. Could you do that please? I am sending some positive thoughts your way and hope your blues will pass soon. Andrea

Randy and Jamie said...

Cliff, go to a store and buy some fresh flowers. Keep then everywhere in the house. That always helps me.

lisa said...

Yea, flowers in the house help a lot, as do houseplants and blogs and catalogs. (LOL about buying seed that doesn't get too ;-) I used to swim or lift weights in winter which also helped a fact, I need to make time for that stuff again.