Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I treasure......

I guess I am what some would call a pack rat and others may say sentimental. But I will let you make up your mind about me after you finish reading this post. Now let me explain. I like to have items, things or junk that remind me of a places or someone. Here are some examples of the small things that I have kept. There are a couple of drinking glasses from Red Lobster where I went with a date many years ago. The bottle cap to a bottle of beer from the last time I saw someone who I was very smitten over. Then there are all the cards I have ever received for birthdays, Christmas and just because someone was thinking of me. And let's not forget the countless pictures that fill up a 20 gallon plus rubbermaid tote.

Then there are the ones that have extreme sentimental value. Here are the pictues of them and why I value them so much. They aren't in any particular order and this isn't all of them.

These are a couple of toys that I believe my Father played with as a child. One is a box of dominos and the other is Pluto, a Disney toy. It feels good to look at these and remember my father. He has been gone just about 12 years now.

Then there is this 3 tiered table. My great grandfather made it. The legs I was told was made out of old broom handles and the molding on each shelf was from a doctors office that use to be in Holstein, Missouri. I was also told that he made 3 different tables but I'm not sure where the others are.

This is a clock that I have to remember my great Uncle John and Aunt Mandy. They were the nicest couple I ever meet. Aunt Mandy always said that she wanted to dance with me at my wedding. I am sad to say that never happened.

Here is a quilt my mother made and gave to me. She calls it Touch of Blue. The stiching is called candle wicking. It is hard to tell by the picture but there is alot of detail in this quilt. I believe she made it sometime in the 1980's. I have it draped on the back of a chair that belonged to her mother.

Here is an art glass bowl Scott and I bought on our first trip to San Francisco. We wanted something to remember such a wonderful trip and what a great time we had.

This last two are prints that we gave each other on our 40th birthdays. The first one is a Pacso print that one I gave scott. It is number and signed by Pacso granddaughter or so we were told. The 2nd one is a print form the 1800's that Scott gave me. We had found it in a junk store for $50 and I thought that was too much to spend on it. He went the next day and bought it without me knowing. It was a great surprise. It was also nice to find the same print online for sale for $500. It is worth 100 times that to me now.
These are just a few of my treasuries that hold special meaning for me. Thanks for taking the time to read


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Cliff, what a wonderful collection of memorabilia you have! I think it's great that you have such lovely things from many of your family members to remember them by. That kind of thing is more precious than gold IMO. And it's very nice that you and Scott are creating a lot of good mememories together and buy lovely things to keep those memories alive.

So sentimental? No! Sensible? Yes!

Randy and Jamie said...

Hey there Cliff-
Your blog made me chuckle because I do the same thing. I've just recently gotten rid of some lighthouse glasses I got from Red Lobster Back in 1990... that's a long story. LOL I think its wonderful you save all these special things. I have a chewing gum wrapper from a special someone from 1986, a pink Bic lighter from a special night in 1988 and even a piece of copper wire and electrical tape from 1983. See, I told you. LOL

Phillip said...

Great post Cliff. I wouldn't call you a packrat - that would be me who won't throw away magazines and catalogs and they keep piling up. It drives Michael crazy but if I throw one away, I will think of an article that I need to reference a few days later. But I am getting better. It is great to have things that bring cherished memories.

Wurzerl said...

Hi Cliff, I think it' s good to collect this things. In my new post I am writing also about a piece I will keep for the rest of my life. We are not sentimental - we keep our memories.
Have a nice time Wurzerl

modelt2 said...

Our father probably played with Pluto, but I did too. I know you have much more, but it's probably good that you didn't try to show everything. Jane

lisa said...

I'm a sentimental keeper of things, too. I say there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! If it weren't for people keeping things, there would be no antiques at all!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for sharing all your treasures and memories.