Thursday, November 29, 2007

Puppy update

Here Butch is protecting one of this toys from Bonnie by laying on it.
Bonnie was able to get a hold of it and they started playing tough of war.
Butch is trying to show Bonnie who is boss!
For the most part Butch has warmed up to Bonnie. They chase each other around the house and Butch will bark at here when she hides under a chair and he can't get to her. It is fun to watch and take pictures of.


Andrea's Garden said...

So nice to see Butch making friends with the puppy. They will be allright, you'll see. I don't know how Stella would like to have another cat in the house. She'd be jealous I assume because she loves being the "single child". :-)Is the pup housetrained yet? Nice pics, Andrea

lisa said...

Cute puppy! I'm sure Butch likes the company, even if she takes some getting used to.