Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frost on the pumkin and other things

I almost have as big of Passion about taking pictures as I do about gardening. I believe they go hand in hand. Because if you have a beautiful garden and you want to share it you need to know the basics about taking pictures. You want the pictures to turn out as nice or nicer than the garden.
One thing I have always thought after we bought our first digital camera was how awesome the pictures were. Sometimes I even thought that the pictures looked better than the garden did. Case in point was last year we would take pictures of the garden down to show my mother, so she would have an ideal what I had been doing. My two brothers would also get to look at them. My oldest brother commented one time they the garden was really pretty and he wanted to come see it. I guess this is my own insecurity but I thought "does the garden really look that good?". Then I became paranoid and was afraid that the garden would be a let down when he saw it. My reasoning for this, however flawed it maybe was that when you take pictures now days with the macro and super macro you can get such detail that you really don't see in person. I mean it is there if you look for it.
Anyway to make a long story short. My brother and wife came up this summer to see the garden. They made the normal comments I have gotten from people which was nice to hear and I new they liked what they saw. What really make me think I had done a good job was a couple of weeks later. He called and we talked first about if I was going to be coming back home this weekend to cut Mom's grass and before we hung up he said that he said that he really wanted to tell me that he was impressed with the garden and that it was very beautiful. This comment, coming a few weeks after there visit had a great impact. First was that he was still thinking about my garden after a few weeks and second the fact that he shared that with me. Men in my family usually don't share feelings like this. Now if I had a new truck I could see him saying something like that!
So anyway here are some pictures I took this morning of the frost. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!


Phillip said...

Photographs are a wonderful thing, aren't they? I'm always doubting myself and my abilities and when I get compliments about my garden I'm usually thinking, "Ok, do they really mean this or are they really thinking, 'what a jumbled mess this is'!" But photographs are definitely a true testament - when you go back and look at photos taken in the past, you see them with a different eye and you realize that you did a better job than you thought previously. Or at least I do.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Excellent post Cliff and I'm glad that your beautiful garden worked its magic and made your brother and you share your feelings. That is so important and I know how hard it is for most guys to do so. Gardening works on so many levels!

BTW great pics of the pumpkins! ;-)

How's your cute little puppy doing and what does Butch feel about this little intruder?

Randy and Jamie said...

You frost photos are wonderful! Well, all of your photos are great, but I especially like the frost ones. I can't wait until we get a good frost here to get some pictures. You know how hard it is to get compliments out of brothers so I would certainly take what yours said to heart. :-)

lisa said...

Nice pics AND garden!