Saturday, October 20, 2007

Garden Bugs

I have taken pictures of all the little animals in the garden this last summer and thought I would share them with everyone. Not sure what they all are and how beneficial they are for the garden but they are interesting. I am sure I didn't get a tenth of the different insects in the garden. These were the easiest to find and take a picture of.
I sure miss the warm weather and working in the garden. I'm sure spring will be here in no time.


Andrea's Garden said...

This post showed up as a new post in my google reader yet it isn't the first entry in the blog. Very strange. Nevertheless, the pictures are great and make me miss summer even more. It is freezing cold over here. Take care, Andrea

lisa said...

Wow, you have almost as many bugs and critters as I do! Not too shabby for the suburbs...I'd say it's your gardening techniques that make your space so inviting-kudos!