Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time for New Year Resolutions!

I guess it is that time of the year again. Time to make the resolutions for the next year. I made some last year and even wrote them down. Now if I could only find where I put that list.
Well I found it. Guess I better add review resolutions weekly and add notes on my progress. Here is my list.

Visit Mom once a month.
Reduce my weight to 165 to 170.
Focus on the positive.
Post on Photo Blog and Garden Blog once a week.
Make to do lists for work around the house.
Clean up trash along the creek.
Read 1 book a month.

I didn't so well with last years resolutions. Here is how I measured up.

I might have visited Mom once every two months. Bad son!!!
I did reduce my weight to 174 from 184. Close but no cigar!
Focus on the positive. This one is hard to measure.
That didn't happen as you can tell by looking at the number of post here.
No lists made but I did build a pond.
I picked up one bag of trash.
Don't think I read one book all year.

Somewhere I have read that you should develop a plan of attack for your resolutions and monitor your progress weekly or monthly. Also you need to make your resolutions measurable and not so broad like I did with "Focus on the positive". In theory it sounds good but how do you measure that?

Well I think I will give this some additional thoughts and come up with a better list. I will probable include a couple of the resolutions from last year and add some new ones. Also need to figure out a way to keep track of my resolutions and measure my progress.


Andrea's Garden said...

Well, I didn't make any lists and no resolutions. I decided to just let things happen. That way I won't be upset if I don't measure up. It can only get better, right? (on the positive note). Have a great 2010!

Linda W said...

Haha! That's way too many resolutions for one year. I'd just pick 2 or 3 if I were you. Have a great year - from a fellow KC area gardener.

Mother Nature said...

I just made my resolutions easier. :)

garden wheeling said...

my new year resolution is to promote pass along plants in my talks to garden clubs this year in kc. Enjpoyed seeing someone else make commitments i don't have to worry about breakinmg

lisa said...

Let the pooch be with you! (Then you CAN'T go wrong! ;-)

LostRoses said...

Where are you? Come back to blogging!

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