Monday, May 11, 2009

What is blooming now

It seems like every post I have done this year I am apologizing for taking so long between posts. What makes it bad is that 1 of my New Year's resolutions was to post once a week. That one went down in flames!!
Here are pictures of what is blooming now in the garden.

The first two are different Columbine plants.

This is Cat Mint. It doesn't spread like other mint. I say that only having this plant for 1 year how. I like the color and if I remember correctly it blooms all summer. Bonus!!
This is Allium that a dear blogger friend Bob sent me. Thanks Bob!! I have and will continue to enjoy them.
The next two are Peony bushes. These I bought right after we moved into the house. At that time I wasn't very good at keeping track of my plants, not that I do any better now.

a This is the only Aster I have. It does so well for me. The deer had eaten part of it off earlier this spring, which caused it to have more shoots and I hope more flowers. I believe it is called Midnight Blue.
This is my yellow Baptisia, aka False Indigo. I also have the blue one and some of it is blooming now also. I have found the blue variety that I have reseeds itself everywhere. My only complaint is that the blooms don't last very long and then you have this green plant for the rest of the summer.


Sylvana said...

I LOVE that yellow baptisia! Do you know if it is a special variety? I definitely want one.

I'm not the best at keeping track of the names of the things that I plant either. I'm lucky if I manage to get them in the ground before they die in their pots, let alone labeling anything!

Bholland said...

Those blue and white columbine are beautiful! I planted some assorted variety in my garden last year, only three have survived the rabbits. I am excited to see the catmint, I planted some from seed this year and if they ever get to look like yours I'll be very happy! Thank you for sharing your garden.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Here is some information on the yellow baptisia. This is the one I have in my garden.

I am always happy to share pictures of my garden. Finding the time is what is hard. Right now I don't have problems with rabbits so I guess I am lucky. Love the catmint, this is the 2nd year in my garden. I am very happy with it so far.

Wayne said...

I also have Baptisia. Yellow, white, and blue, But the blue doesn't self seed up here.