Friday, April 25, 2008

Some of my spring flowers

This time of year is so exciting. It seems like every time I go outside there is something new blooming. Plants I had forgotten about popping up all over the place. Everything is so fresh looking and green. I guess you all of this by looking in your garden.
Here are some of the plants that are blooming now. I don't know all of the names but I will try and give you as much information as I can.

This first one is grape hyacinth. I discovered while searching on the net that in some regins in Greese and Italy the bulbs are pickeled and eaten. Interesting!!

This plant is a creeping phlox. I guess there are two kinds of creeping phlox because the next picture down is what I have thought of as creeping phlox. This one has flower spikes that are about 6 inces tall and the plant sends out shoots during the summer. Where as the phlox in the next picture grows more in a mound and the flowers are just on the top of the folage.

This is one of the daffadils I have blooming right now. Not sure what it is called but I bought it in the last couple of years. There are so many different bulbs to choose from now. It is hard to choose what to buy.
Can't tell you what this one is. But it puts on a show in the early spring. Pretty yellow blooms on a low mound of folage. Maybe 3 inches tall but strickingly beautiful.

This flower is what I would call and old fashion daffadil. The reason I say old fashion is that it is one I remember blooming when I was a kid. At the time I thought it was boring but now that I am older I appricate it's simple beauty.
This is the flower of the blood root plant. I am not sure I knew it had a flower but last year I took some plants from the woods at my mothers. Should be a great plant for in the shade under the trees.

This might not look like a flower but it is. It is the flower of the splurge plant. That is about all I know about the plant. I have had the plant for several years and it does travel but is easy to control. During the summer the folage turns a pleasing purplish green. Goes well with all the other plants and helps fill in the gaps.


Laurie & Chris said...

Great Spring flower pictures!! I can't wait for my to start popping out.

Tina said...

Holy crikey!
I've been ripping spurge out for years - and losing.
It was introduced accidentally and is now listed as an 'invasive species' by the USDA. I can see why. Miss a small piece of root and it will take over the world.
Yet, it is still sold to the unsuspecting at garden centers! What's up with that?!

modelt2 said...

Beautiful flowers!! Love your pictures. Jane

Wayne said...

Interesting. I have a beautiful spurge plant that stays nice and neat. There must be many varieties.
My garden is about 2 weeks behind yours.

Andrea's Garden said...

Great shots of your garden. My creeping phlox is blooming too and so much more. I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow. The gardens are really exploding at this time of the year, though I think - when looking at my pictures - that it was farther along last year. Take care, looking forward of more pics of your garden, Andrea

Barbara said...

Spring is indeed a most exciting season and full of surprises. It is, as you wrote, every day brings new blooms and flowers. Just wonderful!

Becky said...

Pretty photos, your garden looks nice.
I've never seen spurge before.

Sylvana said...

The yellow creeping plant looks like a creeping buttercup. I had a variegated variety, but had to get rid of it because it did TOO well in my garden!

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Wes Brummer said...

I like the spring flower site. My wife is into flowering gardening so I will have to pass this on to her.

I have a question:

I am writing a hist fictional novel set in north central Kansas in 1935. It was a dry year. My character is looking for wildflowers. Some wooded areas, but mostly prairie along a seldom used roadside. Soil is probably a bit sandy. Time is 4-14-35. She is looking for whildflowers and or herbs. What would she find of interest and could you give me a description, with colors?
Thanks, I want to be as accurate as possible. Wes