Friday, April 27, 2007


We had an unexpected guest this last week. What is ironic is last Sunday I was talking with my mother and we had gotten on the subject of wildlife and the different wildlife we have around here. I told her one thing I had not seen around here was any turkeys. I had guessed that the turkeys stayed away from the more populated areas. As luck would have it the very next day coming home from work I see a turkey less than 2 blocks from our house. I thought what are the chances? I was pretty thrilled and couldn't wait to tell my mother we now had a turkey in the neighborhood. It gets better. Wednesday of this week Scott was home since he had to work the 10pm to 6am shift Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. He was able to get these pictures in our backyard. What happened is we had filled this bird feeder up with food for a couple of the cardinal that we have flying around and I guess the squirrel had knocked it off the branch and spilled the seed. So the turkey and the squirrel were having a meal together. Scott said the squirrel wasn't very happy about that. He would be making noise at the turkey and would have his tale going back and forth to scare the turkey away but the turkey acted like the squirrel didn't exist. Go figure. I have no plans to continue feeding the squirrel and or turkey. Once they eat all that no more.


snappy said...

that is a fantastic picture.Aesops fables again.The turkey and the squirrel.Guess the cardinals had eaten a bit before the two unexpected guests tucked in :)

modelt2 said...

You must remember turkeys and squirrels like good food too.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Since the food is gone I haven't seen the turkey or the squirrel. I have seen the cardinal but I think they have abandened their nest in the rose bush. The good news is a robin has built a nest in the same rose bush. I hope the robin didn't run the cardinal off??